We are proud that both the products and services in our portfolio are award-winning, proven in their impact and in high demand across the world. They are used every day by millions of learners in more than 25 countries.
Always presents language in context.
Makes learning enjoyable.
Makes learners think of language as a means and not an end.
This short video takes you inside the world of voxED and Little Bridge and provides a useful structured introductory overview of the various learning components and features within Little Bridge.  

You'll see:
Watch the video above for a 15 minute walkthrough of Little  Bridge
Little Bridge ...
Aligns with State Curriculum Standards on ELA and English Language Proficiency.
Further information on Little Bridge
Available Resources for you and your students also include:
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Find out how Little Bridge and voxED can improve English  language proficiency within your school or district.  Use the online form below and one of our team will be delighted to get in touch and help you learn more about how Little Bridge can help your students.

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Take a quick tour of Little Bridge!
How your students can create their own DIGIPAL.
How your students can practice their language and literacy with other students across the US and world using DIGITALK.
Examples of structured learning activities and learning games.
Examples of speaking activities.
The GRAMMAR FACTORY where students can learn and revise important grammatical rules.
How your students can explore the virtual 3-D world of Little Bridge for themselves.
Just how fun and engaging learning can be!
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Little Bridge
Examples of the karaoke songs
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