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Little Bridge. A revolutionary set of resources for ESL teaching and learning.
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* Source: US Deptartment of Education
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ESL Strategies
We are proud that both the products and services in our portfolio are award-winning, proven in their impact and in high demand across the world. They are used every day by millions of learners in more than 25 countries.
Find out how Little Bridge and voxED can improve English  language proficiency within your school or district.  Use the online form below and one of our team will be delighted to get in touch and help you learn more about how Little Bridge can help your students.

ESL Strategies for the Young

English for Young Learners
ESL Programs
At voxED we're committed to raising standards both in terms of learning outcomes for our students, and in the quality of ESL educational resources with innovative ESL strategies to help achieve these improvements in learning.

The growing numbers of English learner students in our classrooms (over 53% increase in the US since 1998*) present fresh challenges for our schools as they adapt to meet the needs of ESL learners, especially against a backdrop of ever-tightening resource budgets.

Technology and digital resources in the area of ESL/ELL, as in many other areas of learning and the curriculum have the potential to provide very real educational benefits, with transformational support for teachers, students and their families.

That said, historically the range of digital ESL resources for teaching English for young learners has been rather limited. A lot of these digital resources look and feel as if they were originally designed for older audiences and learners and then adapted for use in elementary and middle schools. In other cases where technology is available, the resources can be little more than electronic flashcards, and no more engaging to the student.

The Little Bridge program has been specifically created and developed for newcomers of all ages and younger ELLs. The majority of our learners are K-6, however the program is used in Pre-K and 7th Grade+ settings in many districts around the world.

Little Bridge brings together a unique and powerful set of ingredients. The very best and most appropriate in educational practice, audio and video technology, state-of-art computer animation, gaming and digital storytelling. In addition to the technology, good old-fashioned paper and books are available to create a powerful, truly blended set of learning and teaching resources for ESL. The resulting mix and package ESL programs provide learners with a compelling toolkit for fast and deep language learning.

Our awesome team includes educators (ex- and current), linguists, digital artists and designers, animators and multi-skilled programmers, experienced writers and thinkers, editors, managers and helpful support and customer service providers.

We love what we do and we have lots of fun—but we're serious about it too. Our aim is to captivate our young audiences and inspire them to learn and be successful.

We invite you to browse our website and learn more about the Little Bridge program. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our team will be delighted to give you a quick tour of the program and introduce you to the bright and friendly folks of Little Bridge!

 Thank you.

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